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Brand Development

I was tasked with creating a logo/brand development package for a travel/hospitality brand. My first step was to conduct a thorough analysis of the brand’s target audience, industry competitors, and market trends to identify key branding opportunities.


Based on my research insights, I collaborated with the client to create a comprehensive brand strategy that aligned with their business goals and values. This strategy included defining the brand’s messaging, tone of voice, visual identity, and overall brand personality.


I created several logo concepts based on the agreed-upon brand strategy, taking into account the brand’s target audience and unique selling points. Through a collaborative process with the client, I refined the chosen logo to create a final design that encapsulated the brand’s essence and communicated their desired message.


Finally, I delivered a complete brand development package, including the final logo design, brand guidelines, and various brand assets such as social media graphics, business cards, and marketing materials. This comprehensive package enabled the brand to establish a strong and consistent identity across all touchpoints, helping them to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and connect with their target audience.


Final Pitch Deck Delivered



SMB President's Club


9 November, 2022


Logo, Brand Development